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Quentin is originally from Belgium before he decided to travel around the world.
He discovered Norway during a long distance trail running competition and felt in love with. It was the start of his journay... He decided to leave his own company in Belgium and start traveling. Russia for a dogsledding race, Canada was his biggest dream, than Alaska, Finland to keep working with dogs, Nepal to attempt a record of the Great Himalaya Trail by the High Route... Following his dreams and feelings.

After a while Quentin thought again about Norway and decided to come back to work with Sleddogs. He meet a girl who changed all of his plan (for the best). Together they bought a old farm in the backcountry of Tromsø where Quentin could start his new dream: having his own dogyard. In the following years he did the Finnmarksløpet 600km and now aiming for the longest distance in Europe, the 1200km
Quentin's passion is the outdoors life, especially in badweather, he said there is nothing better than a bad weather to make you feel alive.

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